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Wan Changsong

Date: 2018-09-30 Source: Clicks:


Doctor Degree

Major Field:

Philosophy of Science and technology


1. Dialectics of Nature,

2. Basic Principles of Marxism

Paper & Monograh

1. The Search on Forked Road:Contemporary Russian Philosophy of Science and technology,Science Press,2017

2. Study on Russian Philosophy of technology,Northeast University Press,2004

3. From Philosophy of Science to Philosophy of Culture: The Ideological Locus of the Academician V. S. Stepin, Journal of Dialectics of Nature,2015(3)

Project Leader

1. The national Social Science Foundation post-funded Project:Soviet technical Philosophy and industrialization: history,experience and inspiration,2017

2. General Projects of the national Social Science Foundation:Paradigm shift and development trend of Russian Science and technology Philosophy,2012

3. General Research Projects on Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education:Research on the relationship between Soviet technical Philosophy and its industrialization path and its Contemporary Value,2009

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