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Sheng Duanfeng

Date: 2018-09-30 Source: Clicks:


Doctor Degree

Major Field:

1. Rural revitalization,

2. Social Governance and Chinese politics

Education Background:

Doctor of Law(Sociology), graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Honors & Awards

The Innovation Award of New Rural Construction Research

The Second Prize in the Theoretical and Practical Academic Seminar on National Governance of Peking University



1. Introduction to Sociololgy,

2. Public Management

3. Social Science Research Methods

Paper & Monograh

1. Rural Construction Trend Under the Background of Agricultural Supply-Side Reform,Sub National Fiscal Research,Journal of the Party School of Tianjin Committee of the CPC,2017(4)

2. The Mistake and the Right Way of Agricultural Supply Side Structural Reform,Sub National Fiscal Research,2017(5)

3. Governance Transformation Under the Village Cadre's Incompetent Problem,Exploration and Free Views,2014(7)

4. Finance Goes to the Countryside: the Basic Finance Construction of Modern Country,China Agricultural University Journal of Social Sciences Edition,2014(1)

Project Leader

1. National Social Science Foundation Project: a Survey and Research on the Construction of Socialist new Rural Culture(10CKS009)

2. The Ministry of Education Funded Projects:Moral Consciousness: the Change and Reconstruction of Rural Culture(17JHQ043)

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