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Lv Qingguang

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Doctor Degree

Major field:

1. American political and social history;

2. Global social issues

Education background:

Doctor of History, graduated from nanjing university

Honors & awards

The third prize of social science in jiangsu province

The second prize of philosophy and social science in Wuxi City


1. Contemporary world economy and politics,

2. Outline of Chinese Modern History,

3. Study on western marxism

Paper & Monograh

1. American left - wing political culture after the war: historical theory and practice,China Social Sciences Press,2015

2. Sources of power:soft power and the American reform tradition, in Prescilla Roberts ed., Going Soft? The US and China Go Global,Cambridge Scholars Press,2014.

3. Geopolitics and Cultural ambitions: Evolution of U.S. Grand Strategy in East Asia, Prescilla Roberts ed.,The power of culture: Encounters between China and the United States.Cambridge Scholars Press, 2016

Project leader

Presided over 2 national projects, 2 provincial projects and 3 school-level projects

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